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Board of Directors, 2022

Eileen McConville, President, Cape Fear Cyclists Board

Adrienne Harrington, Vice President, Fundraising & Research Chair

Sam Burgess, Secretary, Bike/Ped Advisory Committee

Michael Brown, Treasurer

Kitty Clark Cole, Safety & Education Chair, Cape Fear Cyclists Board

Mo Linquist, Partnerships Chair, Bike/Ped Advisory Committee

Al Schroetel, Advocacy Chair, Bike/Ped Advisory Committee, Cape Fear Cyclists Board

Members at Large:

Eileen Clute

Jim Iannucci, Safety & Education Committee

Bill McDow

Wyatt Richardson

Tammy Swanson, Safety & Education Committee

Steve Zinder, Bike/Ped Advisory Board

The Board of Directors is a diverse group of concerned citizens whose experience as bicyclists, advocates and educators give us the tools to work with local municipalities and the local NC DOT team to advance safe cycling in the region. The Board works via a subcommittee structure to maximize impact and work toward our individual strengths.  

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